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Initiation & Certification into the Sophia Temple Arts

with Stella Sophia & Shannon Rose.


Join Stella Sophia & Shannon Rose for The Temple of Sophia, a 9 month Sacred Group Initiation Journey

through the Sophia Temple Arts.

As the Divine Feminine Sophia Christed Light is returning to the planet,

so is your heart - womb awakening to the remembering of the sacred Sophia Temple within.

A sacred blueprint that you carry within your body.

The blueprint of all creation.

Sophia lives within the sacred ancient temples, modern expressions of the now,
multidimensional portals, earthly heaven on Earth.
She lives within your sacred vessel.

Your body. 

Your womb.
Your heart.
Your crown.

She is the ancient that you remember, that place you call home.

Are you ready to activate the Sophia Temple within?

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"Ancient lineages weave across time and space, until the flame is reacquainted in the heart of the keepers. Temple of Sophia, she returns."

Priestess' of the Sophia.

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The Sophia Initiation Journey

The Temple of Sophia works with the art of Initiation. In this 9 month chalice container we will move through the complex & ecstatic gateways of the Sophia embodied consciousness.


Through attunements, embodied practices and sister circle gatherings, The Temple of Sophia will be invoked from within you, to be awakened, grounded and ready, for the enlivened service of the codes to your people.

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Temple of Sophia Certification Journey

Become Certified to Facilitate Temple of Sophia Ceremonies, including the Temple of Sophia Breathwork Practice, Embodied Sophianic Attunements, Sensual Somatic Practices & the Art of Temple Space Holding.


You will be empowered to receive the Temple of Sophia Facilitation Templates and also craft your own ceremonies through your unique relationship with the Sophia Christed Light.


Your Temple Facilitation codes are called upon, as we reinstate the Temple Arts, as a Feminine Collective, in liberation, freedom & love.

In the 'Temple of Sophia Foundational Certification'  You Will Receive:

Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to God Sobe

Sophia Attunements

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Embodied Sophia Transmission

Multidimensional Energetics 

Co-creation with Ancient Sophia Rose Lineages, High Councils

and Sophia Dragons

Image by Fiona Murray

Embodiment Practices

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Temple of Sophia Breathwork Practice

Sensual Somatic Movement Practices

Co-Create with the Nervous System

Image by Becca Tapert

Sophia Temple Circles

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Sisterhood of Sophia Circle Template

The Art of Temple Space Holding

Trauma Informed Group Facilitation

The Temple of Sophia Breathwork Practise

The Temple of Sophia Breathwork Practise works with the polar fields of the nervous system for both softening & activation. Through certification, you will learn how to facilitate breathwork to help the body to open to receive in a safe & integrative way, for the Sophianic Gateway attunements & activations.

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Join us for The Temple of Sophia,
Initiation & Certification

Begins May 2022 - January 2023 

  • Become Certified in the Sophia Temple Arts, share embodied transmissions as a Facilitator of The Temple of Sophia 

  • Experience Ecstatic Union within your crown, heart, womb connection. Anchor a new bandwidth of ecstasy within your body & nervous system.

  • Be initiated by Sophia high councils & ancient civilizations. Receive channeled activations, transmissions & guidance from Ancient lineages of the womb

  • Learn the key codes of the Sacred Rose & Ascending Dove, the Ancient Christos Sophia Lineage re-emerging today

  • Embody the Art of Divine Spaceholding within sacred sisterhood circles. Experience a life changing power of sacred sisterhood. Be witnessed, unravel & rise into your true embodied potential

  • Ground deeper into your Royal Priestesshood, expand the transmission of your Temple Work, become an embodied vessel of Golden Age of Miracles

  • Receive new Teachings & Technologies of the expanded nervous system, learn trauma-informed facilitation from a multi-dimensional perspective

  • Expand the embodiment of your liberated Eros, move freely through the expression of your sacred sensuality and sexuality, become a liberated oracle of the Sophia Essence within

  • Pave your own way in your Temple Work, receive Templates of Facilitation, and be empowered to found your own 

  • Experience the freedom of sacred ceremonies merged with embodiment, anchor deep transformation through seven-body metamorphosis

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Is The Sophia Temple Initiation and Faciliation Program for me?

This program represents a sacred calling of your heart-womb to explore and activate deeper levels of Sophia Essence within, to ignite the Priestess that you remember to be and step into the ancient path of Embodied Temple Arts once again.


The Temple of Sophia is both a sacred journey of Initiation and Certification, here as an invitation for those

feeling called  to serve as Great Keepers of the Sophia Mysteries, within their own unique path of service.


This program is calling forward the Multidimensional Nature of our existence, as well as with our Physical Vessel,

so the depth of embodiment of who we truly are, can blossom once again,

as a Soul, as a Priestess, as a Sister, as One Sophia Source.

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Investment & Inclusions

Early Bird Before 30th of April

  • 9 Month Initiation Journey Energetic Container

  •  Temple of Sophia Certification on Completion of 9 months

  • 3 Half-Day Events every term

  • Monthly 2 Hour Transmission Call

  • Monthly 90 min Sisterhood Circle of Sophia Gatherings

  • Monthly Pre-Recorded Temple Practice Videos for Certification

  • Certification Practicum Throughout

  • Online Temple Members Site 

6000 USD or 745 USD Per Month

Full Join After 30th of April

7000 USD or 855 USD Per Month

  • 9 Month Initiation Journey Energetic Container

  •  Temple of Sophia Certification on Completion of 9 months

  • 3 Half-Day Events every term

  • Monthly 2 Hour Transmission Call 

  • Monthly 90 min Sisterhood Circle of Sophia Gatherings

  • Monthly Pre-Recorded Temple Practice Videos for Certification

  • Certification Practicum Throughout

  • Online Temple Members Site 

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Temple of Sophia (24).png

Meet Your Facilitators

Shannon Rose & Stella Sophia are Divine Feminine Channels, Priestess' of Sophia

Stella Sophia is a Multidimensional Oracle, Divine Feminine Channel & Sophia Magdalene Priestess. She is an Embodied Channel of the Divine Feminine Mysteries and Ancient Cosmic Lineages.

A devoted student of the Heart, Keeper of the Sophia Womb, initiate of the Rose Lineages across the Cosmos, here to activate the Divine Feminine Consciousness and initiate the Return of the Mother, once again.


As a daughter of the Sophia Gaia Womb, a Priestess of Ancient-Modern Temples, she guides women around the world through multidimensional Temple journeys, sacred ceremonial initiations through the awakening of the Sophia Christed Energies within.


Deely honored to be an initiated space holder for the sacred Sisterhood of the Sophia Rose Lineage in the divine co-creation of The Temple of Sophia.

Shannon Rose is a Mystic, Divine Feminine Channel & Devoteé of the Rose. She is a Trained and Practised Breathwork Facilitator specialising in working with women for the activation of the body temple within.


Rebounded across Aotearoa & Globally, her spaces bridge esoteric mysteries, with somatic experience, to create life-changing and lasting metamorphosis.


Devoteé of the Divine Feminine and Sophia Rose Lineages, she is a student and teacher, dedicated to the reweaving of the mysteries forgotten, for the reigniting of a New Golden Era.


She has been working with Women to channel their creative gifts into temple work for over 5 years, and is honoured to be carrying through the Lineage with The Temple of Sophia, Initiation & Certification.

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The Temple of Sophia is a Mystery School

that initiates the return of the Sophia Christed Light to this planet, once again.

The Temple of Sophia brings forward divine feminine mysteries of modern Teachings of Ancient Temple Arts. Channeled from the Sophia Rose Lineages across Cosmos initiating a New Era of a Sacred Sisterhood of a Divine Co-creation within the Sophia Sisterhood Circles.

The Temple of Sophia is a Mystery School of Soul Remembrance that calles forward a sacred awakening to the embodied remembrance of ancient High Priestess Timelines of the Divine Mother Temples, the Sophia Source,

as the Divine Feminine Consciousness is returning to the planet,

initiating a new octave of Golden Age of Light.

The Temple of Sophia Mystery School is specializing in Temple Art Facilitations, offering Programs and Courses in Divine Feminine Mysteries, as well as Pilgrimages to Ancient Grids and Sacred Sites, offering a platform for gatherings for Embodied Sisterhood Circles.

It is birthed by Shannon Rose and Stella Sophia with a deep devotion to the Sophia Light and with an intention to ignite and serve the purity of Sophia Rose Lineage in a divine love and for the liberation of all beings.

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Intake will be open from 1 March until 1 May, or until all spaces have been filled. Early Bird pricing will be open until 13 April. Please book a 30 min enrolment consult with Shannon or Stella to see if the program is the right fit for you. You will then be invited to join us, if it is aligned for both parties. We look forward to connecting.

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Temple of Sophia (17).png

Book a Call with Shannon Rose 

Book a Call with Stella Sophia 

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Lineage of the Sophia 


The Temple of Sophia is an Ancient Lineage spanning time & space.

A living cosmology bridging ancient religions, higher civilisations & sacred orders.


Tracing the Lineage of the Rose, connected to the Venusian cycles & planetary history, the Temple of Sophia

is the Mystery School for the re-instatement of the Liberated Feminine to re-unite with the pure heart of the Christed Masculine. 


The teachings of Christ & the ascended dove, meet the teachings of the Magdalene and decsension into the rose body.

Together, true liberation & resurrection of the soul is found, through the uniting of love, in the body.

This is the Temple of Sophia. 


The Sacred Lineage spans across timelines & dimensions, from Ancient Lemuria, to Avalon, Golden Egypt, Ancient Greece, Magdalene Priestess’, the Christed Gnostics & Essene Brotherhood. 


True templates of the free & liberated Feminine in union, exist as supported by our cosmic ancestors &

the True Rose Grids of the Sacred Earth. 


We are the Keepers, the returned Priestess’ of Sophia, the Mystery Holders,

and Golden Chalices of remembrance. 


She lives on, and it is her time, it is our time. 


Mysteries unravel now, through the subtle openings of the body. 

Join us in The Temple of Sophia as we re-weave the mysteries, and rewrite the story untold.

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Temple of Sophia (24).png
Temple of Sophia (17).png

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Embodied Mysteries of The Sophia Temples

Ancient, multidimensional circles of the Sophia Temple across many lineages hold us.

As the wombs of the sisters are link by a golden thread of starlight,

woven together through many feminine mysteries.


A living web of wombs, accros all dimensions, connected to the original Great Womb of the Sophia. 

Our bodies are sacred Temples of the Sophia Source.


Every cell is a stargate, a portal, to an ancient Priestess memories and wisdom living

within our sacred feminine DNA.

​The Temple is Open, Join us in May As we Journey the Mysteries of  The Sophia.

- Stella Sophia & Shannon Rose

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