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This is an invitation from my heart to yours...

Beautiful divine woman,

The Divine Feminine within you has awakened.

The essence of the Divine Feminine is rising.

In her presence, in her love, in her power.

She is inviting you to journey with her.

To remember that she already exists within you.

She is Divine Love.

Divine Presence.

Divine Creatrix of all.

She is a Mother.

She is a Goddess,

She is an Empress.

She is a Priestess.

She is a Warrior of Divine Love.

She is YOU.

I am here to serve you!

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And she is calling you home.

To the home within you.

To remember her.

She is a frequency within.

She is an unique expression of the Divine Feminine frequency within you.

Will you answer her call?

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About me

One of the pillars of my mission is to activate Sophia-Magdalene Consciousness on this planet,

activating other divine feminine into their own unique Divine Feminine Frequency. 


Back in 2019 I started to receive my first initiations from Mary Magdalene,

remembering the path of Rose.

Since then, I am receiving activations, codes and initiations to activate and heal others on their path of reconnecting and remembering the Divine Feminine within.

To this date, I have received many advanced initiations, energetic transmissions and codes

from Lemurian Council of Light, Sirius Council of Light, Venus and many other ascended masters

to activate other divine feminine in their awakening within.

This activation and healing is an uniquely channeled energetic transmission activating the Divine Frequency within, 

 co-created with the higher realms to your unique Soul coding,

activating the remembering of the Divine Feminine within you.

This session is a multidimensional activation and healing, beyond time and space, across all dimensions,

inviting you to an accelerated path of evolution and remembering.

This transmission is tailored to your Soul evolution and

you will receive the highest of frequencies, codes and attunement available to you in the now moment. 

Let your womb and your heart guide you.

Can you feel the calling?

If so, book a session below. It is my honor to serve you.

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