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Coach | Healer | Channeling | Quantum Field | Ascension Mentor

My birth name is Radka, I go by my Soul Name Stella Sophia and I AM.

I am a Sirius soul that chose to incarnate at these times to help in awakening and ascending of humanity.

I am a missioned soul with a deep commitment and devotion to heart consciousness teachings and embodiment of the light within.

I am a Ceremonial Channel.

I am missioned here to bring and anchor advanced codes and higher levels of consciousness. 

I am a Channeler of Light - bringing forward advanced teachings and codes from Star Nations, Lemuria and Atlantis.

I am a Magdalene Priestess and  Keeper of the Rose Codes, here to heal and anchor divine feminine frequencies of the Rose Heart.

I am here to awaken the Sophia Magdalene consciousness and wombs and hearts of the divine feminine rising.

I am a multidimensional Grid worker.

Sacred Waters Keeper. Keeper of Light.

I am here to hold the golden age of Lemuria and Atlantis and the purity of these grids.

I am here to offer an invitation to those ready to take an accelerated pathway of soul evolution.

I am a trance channel for Council of Light from Sirius and Lyra from 7D to 12D.


I am a multidimensional being, embodying my sovereignity.

I am part of you as you are part of me - as all is part of one Source.

We are ONE.

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