Welcome divine soul!

We are in pivotal times on Earth - as the vortex of old worlds is dissolving so does the new - heart based unity consciousness grid emerges. The energy grid of 3D based on polarity and separation is dissolving and much is being alchemized and trasmuted back to light on a personal and on a collective level. Many are shifting to 4D where we are able to bridge and access the 5D and higher realms, as well as the multidimensional aspects of our being. We are becoming the observers and conscious Creators of our inner and outer realities.  As we start to shift from the mind based perception of existance to the heart based consciousness, we explore a new way of being. Our physical bodies shift from the carbon based structure to the crystalline based form, dormant DNA strains get activated, chakra system is upgrated and lightbodies activated

- we are able to hold more light than ever before. We start to access new aspects of our being and we start to remember

- who we TRULY ARE - 

as all is connected, whole and One.


We are already an ascended consciousness, it's up to us to remember and re-discover who we truly are. Ascension is a journey of remembering, a journey of soul embodiment, it's a journey of discovering the sacred portal of our Hearts.

We are coming back to Oneness, Unity and the purity of Light - that we are! 

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New Earth

What we are experiencing today is a deep alchemy and transmutation of 3D consciousness on a personal and collective level. Its an experience of our journey back to heart consciousness and the Wholeness and Oneness of all. We are discovering that we are multidimensional beings of light and love is our natural state. 

We are the Light of the New Earth. 

My Mission

I am a starseeded soul that chose to come and support the ascension of this placet and collective consciousness in these pivotal times on Earth. My mission is to channel advanced teachings and programs, to activate Sophia Magdalene Rose codes and divine feminine, to anchor galactic light and codes into the grid of Gaia to support the ascension of this planet.

I hold deep commitment to my divine mission, being a pillar of light,

that so many of us truly are.

Leaders of the Heart

As we step together,

individually and collectively, into the sovereignty of our being,  into the remembrance of our souls,

into the creation of the New,

my heart wish is to create a heartfelt community of souls to connect,

co-create and empower each others unique journeys

- and together -

may we anchor and co-create world of Oneness and Unity.

Join us here.

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